Ethan's Christmas Program

On Friday we went to Ethan's Preschool Christmas Program. When we got there one of his teachers told him that he should sing extra loud so that we could all hear him. He did that. Actually he yelled all the songs. He was the loudest one there. I was laughing so hard because it was so freaking cute. After they sang songs Santa came! He had gifts for all the kids! Kellen was especially excited because as he put it "It was the REAL Santa!" Ethan in his hat getting ready to sing

Ethan shouting the songs


Kellen's Christmas Program

Kellen's school had their Christmas program on December 13. I always laugh so hard at some of the things the kids do. Even my own son would not stop talking to all the kids around him. This year Kellen had a speaking part! He did great!

Jared and I both agreed that we are not meant to see the whole program. Last year Kellen got sick so we had to leave. This year Ethan fell and hit his mouth on a chair. He split a tooth in half. So Jared had to leave and take him to the ER. He is fine now. The dentist glued it together and filed it down. They said that he was too young to just pull it.

Hopefully next year will go better than the last two years. Here is Kellen talking to the girl next to him. He was the only kid who wore the Santa hat. He played with it the whole time.

Kellen actually singing!


Happy Halloween

I know this is late. But, as they say, better late than never! Here is a pic of the boys on the day we Trick or Treated. They both had to be Optimus Prime and I could not talk them into anything else.


Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved our pumpkins! In the past Ethan would not have been in the kitchen with us. He has a bit of a sensory problem. This year he was able to cut his own face on his pumpkin. He was however not able to stick his hands in the pumpkin. There was not gaging this year though!Ethan cutting a face
Kellen cleaning out his pumpkin
More of Ethan making a face
See the insides of the one April carved?
Oops! This pumpkin seems to have the same problem that Ethan has had in the past. I wonder if his guts made him puke!
Kellen making the face on his
The finished product all lit up in the dark

Fun at the Jones Park!

Last week I took all four kids to Jone's Park. We spent a few hours there and had snack at a picnic table. We all had a great time. The kids loved it so much that they asked if we could do it again the next day! Ethan sitting on the picnic table
Kellen being a monkey
Ethan being a monkey
Kellen and Owen in the Lion's mouth

Kellen in full motion! He is really being a monkey there


Kids Say The Darndest Things

I forgot about what happened when I was driving Ethan to school last week until I read it in Jared's Blog. You should check it out! Here it is!

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet......................

On Sunday we took the boys Trick or Waiting at the Henry Vilas Zoo. Oops! It should be Trick or Treating. It just felt like we spent a lot of time in line between tents that had people giving out candy. The boys did not seem to mind. We went with Elena, Jared (Elena's Hubby), Drew, Noah, Tim (Elena's brother), Jen (Tim's wife), James, and JP. It was great seeing everyone again. Tim, Jared, Elena, and April went to high school together. Anyways, on to the pictures!Optimus "Kellen" Prime and Optimus "Ethan" Prime
Elena painting a nose on Tigger.....I mean Noah
The new baby giraffe and it's mommy
Drew checking out his candy
Noah was not happy. He glared at me all day. I guess he knows how mean I am!
The boys and Jared getting candy!

I did not put any pictures of Tim and Jen's kids up because I was not sure if they were okay with it.

You can see Jared's thoughts on the day here.


For Ethan's 5th birthday we got him a Spidersapien! It is just like Robosapien but he does a few extra funny things! I had to catch a few things on video because I laughed so hard and I could not believe that he was doing it. The videos are poorly lit but I think they are funny!

The video above shows the dance that Spidersapien does. He moves and he has some flashing lights in his hands that go off!

In the video above he asks "Hey babe, fancy a spin around town?"

In the video above he is wolf whistling. The fun I have had with this toy is amazing, oops, I mean Ethan!

Pumpkin Patch and More Fun!

On Saturday we went to Schuster's Playtime Farm. We went with Elena, Drew, and Noah. We all had a great time! The weather was beautiful which is more than I could say for any other Wisconsin day!At the farm they have a play area for the kids. Kellen is going down a huge slide made of PVC pipe. The kids kind of bump their way down. They seem to like it. I went on it a few years ago and it hurt my butt. I did not go down again.
Ethan on the bumpy slide!
Drew and Noah going down the slide together!
Kellen and Ethan hiding in the fort that was a new addition this year!
Drew peeking over at us from the top of the fort
Kellen found a caterpillar. He informed me that it was a Woolly Bear. I guess I have to take his word for it.
Kellen jumping off of the fort
The fort
They had all different sizes of tires standing up in the ground. This was the favorite thing to play on. Above is Ethan and April sitting on a HUGE tire!
"Look mom no hands!"
Kellen and Drew- Drew is 10 and Kellen is 8. Drew is April's god son.
Ethan on the tires
April being weird
Ethan in the pumpkin totem
Noah being cute on the tires
They have an area called "The Catty Shack" There are kittens in there for people to hold and if you want to you can adopt them. Above is April with the one she wanted. Then she realized they grow up to be cats.
In the corn maze there is a bridge that you can look out over some of the maze! Above is a picture of Kellen, Ethan, and Drew.
Looking down at a person in the maze
Jared trying to get us un-lost. We were following the kids and letting them decide which way to go. Well, that was a mistake. So, Jared came to our rescue and found the way out!
The four boys waiting for the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.
Jared enjoying the ride! When we were done we went out to lunch at a small diner in Cambridge before calling it a day. We were all tired but we had so much fun!


Shining Star

I am so very proud of Kellen I had to share why. We got a letter home from school and this is what it said.

Kellen has been selected to be part of a grade level, critical thinking and high ability reading group. Students are selected for these groups based on reading level, test scores, teacher input, GATE information and performance indicators. As part of their GATE liaison duties, the Library Media specialists are leading these small groups. The groups will use Junior Great Books materials, research materials, and/or other reading writing materials.

I am so very excited for him. I am also very proud of him.

Just had to share


Boooooooble Gum

Ethan answering the question "What is a ghost's favorite kind of candy?"



Check This Out!

I know this blog is supposed to be about my boys but, I just have to share a really funny blog that I found. Because I Said So!
I laugh so hard when I read it. It also makes me feel more normal when my kids act like loons. So take a few minutes and check it out...................I hope you like it!

Kellen Reads

Lately, Kellen has gotten into Captain Underpants Books
We can't seem to get him to stop reading to do anything else. Not that it is a bad problem. Last week he was reading outside when I got some pictures.
Owen helping Kellen read. I don't know how Kellen did it. He just kept reading as if Owen was not on him.Reading in the shade
More reading in the grass

Body Crayons

One day last week we tested the body crayons that Jared bought for us. We all had so much fun! Here are some of the resultsThere is a shark on Kellen's arm. You better watch out!
Kellen showing school spirit. We also did this on Firday for school. It was spirit day and Kellen got into it!Ethan made a fireman puppet in school and so he wanted a Dalmatian to go with it