4-H Parade!

Last week we walked in the Heritage Days Parade in Stratford. 4-H had a float and 800 string cheese sticks to toss to the crowd. The cheese was very popular with the crowd. Everyone wanted some, but there were more than 800 people there. We hope to get more next year. The boys got to ride the float and I walked and waved and threw cheese at people. That has been a dream of mine for awhile now. I wanted to wave and throw in a parade. So one goal of my life is done. I did get a little crazy with the cheese and I hit a few people. Oops, at least cheese is soft. If I hit them on the head with a sucker that might hurt.Peace Out Man!
Ethan ready to ride
Kellen ready to go
The float
Me waving while I walk
The boys all decked out in their groovy duds
Thanks a bunch Bill's for the four wheeler that pulled us. A BIG thanks to Marathon Cheese and D&D Nutrition for the yummy cheese!
We were rocking that float!

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