River Park

We went to the Rock River Park! It is right on the River and it is a nice walk from our house. The boys really love it there. They always beg to go there.Ethan playing with a answer thingie. He would ask it "Do I love Mom?" then give it a spin and when it said Nope he thought that was funny!
Kellen asking a question. "Do I love Ethan?" Answer "Try Again Later"
Ethan crawling across the stepping stones!
Kellen at the top of the rock climbing wall
Ethan climbing the climbing wall
Kellen going down the slide
Ethan going down the slide


It is just like riding a bike (kind of)

On Sunday we went outside and tried to teach the boys to ride a bike. Ethan used the balance buddy which claimed that it could teach a child to ride in 15 minutes. I am not sure what kind of minutes they are talking about but we got no where close to riding alone in longer than 15 minutes.Ethan riding with the balance buddy
Kellen riding with training wheels. I told him that when he learns to ride without them we will take him for all you can eat banana splits. That worked with him for about 10 minutes then he wanted to be done.

Ethan and Jared hooking up the balance buddy. It looked neat when we bought it. No more bending to hold the kids up. When we got it going we still had to bend and it is a pain to keep it balanced.

Kid's Fair

On Saturday we went to a kid's fair. We went with Auntie Jamie, Aiden, and Owen. There was a petting zoo, story time, snacks, and lots of other things to do and see. The kids all seemed to have a good time.Kellen holding the bunny!

Aiden and his mommy holding the bunny.

Ethan holding the bunny!

Aiden with his face painted!

Kellen had a Chicago Bears B put on his cheek just for Bumpa.

Ethan with his face painted. Right after the picture was taken I had to take it off because he hated having it on his face.

Kellen was really getting into the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Aiden eating a cookie while listening to the story.

Owen was sleeping through the whole thing.

Uncle Jared trying to get Aiden to get his hand painted. Jared was going to do his if Aiden did one too. Aiden refused.


WOW! 100 Years Old!

Today we took a drive up to see the boys' Great Great Grandpa! We were all there to celebrate his 100th birthday! We all had fun seeing everyone and being there on Great Great Grandpa's BIG day!
I was not very good with the camera today. I seemed to have missed a lot of good pictures and a lot of people too.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Great Great Grandpa!
Great Great Grandpa and the boys' Great Aunt Diane blowing out the candles!

Our own little Leprechaun!

Auntie Jenny and Owen!

Isaac letting his hair down!

Kellen and Ethan with party blowers

Justin making a face at me!