Christmas Eve (Just A Bit Late)

On Sunday, we celebrated Christmas Eve with April's family. We were not well on the real Christmas Eve and did not want to get anyone sick. So on Sunday, we ate, drank, played the game, and just had a great time with each other. Trevor looking so grown up! I can't believe how much all the kids have grown
A good picture of Ben and Marie
Ethan and his wiggly worm
Cassidy took this picture and I had to put it in when I saw the look on Lulu's face!
Ethan and the Alien Creation Chamber
Kellen and his Alien Creation Chamber
Cassidy being cute
A very good picture of Bella
Kellen and Rick having a light saber fight


Lego Contest

On Saturday the library held a Lego Contest. Both the boys entered. They had a good time creating their vehicles. Since this was their first time they both learned a lot. They also got a chance to see what other kids their age created. Ethan's creation. He kept tweaking it while he waited for the judges. Kellen's vehicle
Ethan being judged
Kellen being judged
The boys did not win a trophy but they were awarded books for participating. Kellen told me that he would rather have the book than a trophy. The above picture is the boys with their creations and the books that they picked out.

The boys are already planning to do this again next year. Kellen said that he has some good ideas.


Flake Out

Last night I took Ethan to The Snowflake Dance! Kellen did not want to go but, Ethan wanted to go and dance with his "girlfriend". The dance was held in the school cafeteria. There was a D.J. and special lighting. I was very impressed! Watching the kids dance had to have been one of the cutest things that I have ever seen! Ethan (in the Orange striped shirt) in a conga line with his friends. The Kindergartners would start the line and soon they would have thirty or forty kids in behind them.
Ethan busting a move
Ethan and his friends perfected this move. They would slide across the floor and end with a break dance sort of move. The ending involved them laying on the floor with their legs up in the air.
Getting into the groove with the robot dance
Ethan busting a move behind his "girlfriend". Once we got there he would not even go near her. This was the closest that he got to her.
Another conga line in it's beginning stages
Ethan wearing a snowflake. We had a great time at the dance. Ethan is already looking forward to going again next year!
I want to thank the Luther PTO for organising this and other wonderful events throughout the school year!


Fort Teche

Last week we built Fort Teche! A fort in Fort! I know I am a big dork. But it is the way that I like it. The boys and I used all the chairs, blankets, and pipe cleaners that we could find. The fort had a T.V. in it! That is what I call roughing it. Fort Teche
Ethan popping out of the fort
Kellen is not happy that I am taking his picture. He would rather be playing
Both boys being goofy!


Bill's Buckets

When I was younger Ben and I would go to Rockford and visit our dad. On Sunday mornings to keep Ben and I busy we would play Bill's Buckets. It was like Bozo's Grand Prize Game but with my dad's rules. The buckets would move and rules would change. I told the boys about it one day and while we were at Nana and Papa's house the boys talked Papa into playing Bill's Buckets with them. Kellen lining up his shot. This was before the buckets moved and I had to be the assistant
Oops! James missed
Ethan in mid throw

Three Tired Boys

This picture was taken when we got home from Monkey Joe's. The boys relaxed for a bit while watching Kung Fu Panda. I was surprised that nobody fell asleep.

Just Monkeying Around

On Saturday afternoon we went to Monkey Joe's! It is a great place for kids to go and get their energy out in a fun and safe environment. They had tons of bouncy houses and slides. Before we went Nana, Papa, Jared, and I had decided that we would be there for about an hour. The boys did not want to leave so we spent three hours there! The adults played cards while the three boys ran and jumped! I also just found out that there are Monkey Joe's in Wisconsin! Guess where we will be a few times a year? Kellen coming out of one of the bounce houses
Ethan climbing to the slide
He was not happy that he had to go down the slide once he was up there. The only way to get out was down the slide. He just did not like the fact that he could not slow himself down at all
Kellen getting ready to climb
James climbing
Monkey Jane
A banana
Ethan, James, and Kellen
A shot of some of Monkey Joe's
A shot of the HUGE slide
Monkey Joe's sign

Get Your Kicks On Route 66!

On the way to visit Nana and Papa in Saint Louis we stopped to stretch our legs and have lunch. We found the best place to do both! Kicks in Springfield Illinois. It was a great place to stop and play. Since we were there during the week it was empty! We almost had the whole place to ourselves! While there we played games and drove Bumper Cars! The boys loved it and Jared and I thought that this was much better than a Mc Donald's play land. The Kicks sign
Ethan Playing Deal or No Deal
Kellen playing Deal or No Deal
Ethan snowboarding
+ They even had a mini bowling alley! Here is Ethan bowling! I love the tongue hanging out
Kellen getting ready to bowl
Jared bowling
April bowling. Now you can see where Ethan learned to bowl with his tongue out