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Ladder Golf

For Uncle Ben's birthday we got him a Ladder Golf set. We also got one for ourselves. It is a fun game. The object is to throw the bolas at the ladder and get it to wrap around the rungs. It is not as easy as it looks. We all had a great time playing it.Bumpa, Ethan, and Gamma petting Winnie the neighbor's dog
Kellen blowing bubbles while other people were playing
Ethan and Auntie Ree watching the guys play Ladder Golf
Bumpa throwing his bola
Ben's balls in flight
Kellen getting ready to throw. He is pretty good at this game
A high five between team mates
Daddy throwing his bola

Easter with Gamma and Bumpa!

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated Easter and the adults birthday's with April's mom and step dad. The boys had a Easter egg hunt and had so much fun!Ethan with his bowl of eggs
Kellen counting his eggs. He was supposed to have 21.
Ethan forcing a smile
Kellen getting the eggs out of Gamma and Bumpa's tree.

Grandma and Grandpa Teche Visit!

On Sunday, Jared's Dad and Step mom were out from Nebraska. So we got a chance to visit with them for a bit before they went back. We all went to Uncle Aaron and Auntie Jenny's house and had lunch and played. I was not real good with the camera. I only got a few shots. Somehow the Easter Bunny got confused and left some candy for the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was strange. Kellen could not get his head around that one.Kellen showing off the egg that the Easter Bunny left at Grandma and Grandpa's house for him.
Ethan and his egg
Grandma handing out the candy that accidentally got left at her house. She had their undivided attention once she got the candy out. Before that the cousins were all just busy playing with each other.

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

On Saturday night we went with Anna, Jon, and Todd to fly kites. The boys had gotten new kites at Easter time. Here are a few of the pictures. Do you know how hard it is to actually get a picture of a kite while it is in the air? Well, let me tell you it is HARD! I ended up with a ton of pictures of just the sky.Ethan flying his kite
This is Kellen's Fish kite while it is up in the air
Ethan flying his kite
Ethan's lizard kite in the air
Kellen doing some interesting moves
Kellen flying his kite


Ethan and Aiden Bug Squishers!

Yesterday while playing outside Ethan and Aiden had some fun. Since Ethan was not wearing shoes he pointed out ants for Aiden to squish. Here are some pictures.Here they are scouting the area for any six legged invaders.
Here they are checking to see if there were any signs of life.
Uh-Oh..... Something must have moved because Aiden started stomping again
Checking for signs of life again. This time it must have worked.
Here is the victim. Ethan was carrying it around saying what I good boy it was and what a good ant it was. He had to have a picture taken of his new friend. After this was over he decided to call Aiden, Ant Squisher and himself, Spider Squisher. But, he did tell me that he would only do it if he has his shoes on.


Today Kellen became a Wolf Cub!

Today Kellen and Nick moved from Tiger Cub to Wolf Cub. Now they are officially Cub Scouts! The boys were awarded new badges at the Blue and Gold Banquet. Other boys graduated up to other levels. Two boys were taken into the Boy Scouts and the Weeblos I group is now the oldest in the troop.This is Kellen and Nick getting their new badges. I was not very good with the camera today. They were quick and I was not as fast with the camera as I would like to be.
Kellen proudly showing off his new badge.
This is a picture of Nick the other boy in Kellen's Den. We have a small troop and an even smaller Den. We hope it gets a bit bigger next year.

We are very proud of Kellen, today and everyday! He has done a great job in scouts this year and we hope that it keeps going.

It looks like April will be Den mother next year. She is really looking forward to it. There will be updates when we find out if she is going to do it or not.


Kellen is a Published Author!

One of Kellen's stories was printed in the Luther Literature Magazine that is sent out to all the families with kids in the school. We are so proud of him. He has really developed into a great writer. I am going to type what he wrote. I am going to do it the way that he did spelling errors and all. Enjoy!

March 9, 2007

We went to an Amelia Bedelia play. We saw a baby rattlesnake that got a rattle and lost his rattle from trying to scare the chief. At the end he used his mom's rattle and then he fell asleep. The Amelia Bedelia show was funny. One man was pretending that he had a frog in his throat. Then Amelia said "you need a vet." It was funny. It is a fun, cool and funny show. Do you want to see it?

Didn't he do a good job?


Some Fun Pictures!

Here are some fun pictures that I took over this weekend. They really did not go anywhere else but I just had to share them.Kellen and 1/2 of a fish face.
Ethan letting me kick his booty. He loved to show his booty and then try to get away from you when you try to "kick" it.
Kellen being silly behind Grandma's chair
Ethan relaxing on Great Grandpa
Kellen making fish face
Ethan making fish face
Kellen being weird with a Slinky
Ethan did not want to have this picture taken
Kellen and Ethan falling off the couch in slow motion
Kellen making a very strange face
Kellen and his BIGGEST smile
Ethan lost in his Video Now player

Easter Egg Hunt ! Part 2

Easter morning was a great fun time. The boys looked for eggs and baskets . Ethan had to find all the yellow eggs and Kellen had to find all the green eggs. They got so much candy that we should have some left over for months to come.Kellen opening his eggs. Check out that pile of candy on his left!
Ethan sucking on a Ring Pop! He thought that he was so funny
The Easter Bunny brought each of the boys a Video Now player and a disc of cartoons to watch. Above is Kellen checking out his cool new toy
Ethan checking out his Video Now player
Ethan pulling out his Easter basket from under a chair.
Kellen found his in one of Grandma's backpacks.
Kellen adding to his pile of green eggs
Kellen and his egg
Ethan and his egg. Every time that he would find an egg he would yell "Who put that there?" When asked who did it he told us the Easter Bunny did.