Primary Target!

Last week the boys got toy bow and arrows. They were trying to find targets in the yard and were not having any luck finding them. I had planned on making driveway markers but thought that if they wanted to make targets that would be cool too.We used scrap 2x4's and wooden stakes. The boys painted them and we screwed them on to the stake. Then they clear spray painted the top so the rain did not get to them. We also gave them numbers so that they could keep score while they were playing! Above is the 100 point target that Kellen made.
Rocket Ship by Ethan
Black Widow Spider by Ethan
Flower by Kellen
I of course had to do a few! Here is my bumble bee
Here is a bonus bee by Ethan!
Lady Bug by me! I figured that once the boys get bored with the targets I can use them to mark the driveway. So that anyone who drives on it will see them!
A few of the targets
Kellen aiming at the targets
Ethan shooting
Look at the smile on Kellen! The bows and arrows were made by some ladies. They were selling them at Dairy Fest and I could not pass them up. They have given the boys hours of fun already!

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