I finally finished a plate flower! I had a few attempts that did not turn out so well. I got the idea from my cousin at Christmas time. Well, I finally did it!The flower on the side
The tall flower! I think it looks good. Now that it is outside I will see how the new adhesive holds up.
Ethan and the flower.

Tie Dye Shirts!

Last night we all tie dyed some t-shirts. The boys are going to take theirs to Creative Arts Day for 4-H. Jared and I had to do one too. I think that they turned out great!Here is Ethan and his shirt. He was not happy about the way it turned out. He said it did not have enough color. I love it though!
Kellen's shirt! He loves it and I do too!

I did not get a picture of mine or Jared's but they are awesome too!


Tiny Triumphs 7!

I am late again! I can't seem to get it in gear and do this weekly. I am still going to work on it though. It has been a busy two weeks. I had a paper due that really sucked my time and energy. Plus, just the usual homework and other things to do. So I will do a few more Triumphs to try to make up for the week that I missed.

1. I took a Sociology Exam and got a 96% on it! I felt like I failed this one and was really scared. Guess I get it more than I think.

2. I got my mid term grade back for Sociology and I have a 97% with the exams and quizzes!

3. Ethan is learning a song on the guitar! He is learning the guitar part of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.

4. Jared took his Exam for Accounting on Tuesday and got a 100%! YAY!

5. Kellen is getting really excited to start Jr. High in the fall! He has his locker buddy picked out and is ready to go!

6. The boys are counting down to spring break! This year they will be spending a part of the day home alone while I am in school. My spring break starts next week and theirs is not until later.

7. This one is not really a Triumph but more of a "You should check this out!" I am so addicted to Pinterest! It is an online bulletin board that you can see what other people are doing and you can show them what you are doing. I have gotten so many ideas from that site for Arts and Crafts and recipes. I have even tried a few things. Like the crock pot ham was the best! I will have to start taking pictures of the stuff that I make so you can see how cool some of it is. If you want to check it out for yourself let me know at techeapril@gmail.com and I will send you an invite so you don't have to sit on the waiting list.

Have a good week! I know I will!



On Tuesday night Ethan and I went out and played in the snow a bit. We have not had a lot of snow so we figured we should take advantage of it while it is here!Ethan winding up to hit me. Luckily his aim is terrible.
The snow flakes were HUGE and it was so neat outside.
Ethan making an angel.

I could not talk Kellen into coming out, he is too cool to hang out with the likes of me right now. At least Ethan still likes me for another few years. :)

4-H Demonstration Day!

About three weeks ago the boys participated in Demonstration Days for 4-H. The boys have to do a demonstration in order to show in the fair. They both did really well and are happy that it is done. I think it is great that they are learning that it is OK to speak in public. Something that I have still not learned.Kellen doing his demonstration on how to draw a small picture onto a large paper using a graph!
Showing how you count the boxes!
Ethan teaching everyone how to make a origami jumping frog
Folding his frog. This is a skill that he learned in Summer school and he loves making them. I find them all over the house; under the couch, in the laundry, in the bathroom, and many other places.


Tiny Triupmphs 6!

Yikes, another week has sped by. Where does the time go? If you ever figure out the answer let me know!

1. The boys and I had a snow day on Wednesday! The boys loved it, I however was sick. But at least I did not miss any school.

2. Kellen is helping out this weekend for Solo and Ensemble. He is just going to be a runner but he will get to see some of it so he can participate in it in the next few years!

3. I am cutting caffeine out of my diet. So if I see you in the next few days don't make eye contact and keep walking. No, I won't be too terrible.

4. Ethan is learning how to play songs on guitar. I can tell what he is playing and everything!

I am getting a card reader for my computer over the weekend so that I can put pictures up again. I got a new laptop a month or so ago and it does not have a slot for the card from my camera and without it I am lost. Jared says I can just plug in the camera but that seems like a lot of work. I mean I would have to find the cord. That could take years!