Crazy Lips!

A few weeks ago Grandma Schumacher brought over a special treat for Kellen, Ethan, and Aiden. I put them up high and forgot about them until today! I got them out and all three kids had fun! Ethan with crazy lips with braces
Kellen with kissy lips
Aiden with buck teeth. He kept putting them in sideways


The Potters

The new harry Potter book came out last weekend and we were one of the millions that got their copy on Saturday! We even bought Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. They were the nastiest things that I have ever eaten. They came in flavors like vomit, earwax, pickle, dirt, earth worm, rotten egg, sausage, black pepper, and soap. I do have to say that the dirt one tasted just like dirt. Don't ask how I know I will never tell.

Grandma Sandy sent the boys some Harry Potter glasses and here are the newest Potters!This is Kellen Potter casting a curse to rid the world of Lord Vold....... I mean He Who Must Not Be Named
Someone must have cast a silly spell at Ethan Potter
Kellen Potter showing off his wand. It is a six inch birch with a core of Bullmastiff fur. The BullMastiff in question also lost two other hairs that are in the wands that are linked to Kellen's
Ethan Potter and his Birch wand with a Bullmastiff fur core. Is one of the wands that is linked to Kellen's
Anna Potter and the third of the Bullmastiff cored wands that are all linked together. Her's is also made of birch
Kellen Potter
Ethan Potter

River Fun!

On July 8th we celebrated all the kids' birthday's in my family. We spent the day out on the island and had so much fun! The kids had to play games and they all won prizes. We had a good time keeping cool in the water.All the kids had to choose an adult to toss water balloons to. They had to see how many tosses they could get before the balloon broke. The picture above is all the teams getting ready to play!
Here is a sandy Ethan throwing the balloon
Lulu seems proud of herself!
Bella in the distance. I can't believe how tall she has gotten
Cassidy and Aunt Sherry playing the tossing game
Trevor mid catch. I think that Trevor and his dad won this game. But we all had fun playing
Kellen in his Life Jacket
Kellen playing in the water
Ethan playing in the cool river
Grandma Sandy cooling off


Bungee Trampoline

On Tuesday night we went to watch fireworks at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds. Unfortunately, we got rained out. We did get to have some fun before it started to rain and thunder and lightning. The boys got to do a bungee trampoline and they loved it! Here are some pictures of them. Some of them are kind of blurry, it is hard to get good pictures when the boys were bouncing all over the place.Ethan all strapped in and ready to go
Kellen getting strapped in
Kellen mid bounce
Ethan attempting a flip.......he did not quite make it
That is Kellen in mid flip. he was so good at it! He just kept flipping and flipping!
Ethan mid jump
Ethan swinging from the bungee thing



Last week I was doing the laundry in the basement and I saw a toy lizard on the ground. I went to kick it out of the way and the darn thing moved! I almost wet my pants. I caught it and put it in a Rubbermaid container until we could release it in the swamp. Kellen has no fear when it comes to holding slimy things. You could not pay me enough to hold that thing!
This is the Eastern Tiger Salamander. I do not want to go into the basement ever again. The laundry is now up to Jared or we just buy new!