Snow in April!

I know that I live in Wisconsin but snow in the middle of April is just ridiculous! I know that it has snowed this late before but usually not enough to stick. I was not impressed. I sent Kellen out on Friday morning to take a few shots of the snow. He took me quite literally. There was no pictures of the snow on things just on the ground! That boy cracks me up!

My Bottle Tree and Raised Garden

I recently got a Bottle Tree for my birthday from my Mom and Ray. I love it! I just put it outside and it looks great!

Jared is raising my garden bed. He is building a table and will soon put the sides up and dirt in. He says it will hold up! Can't wait to start planting!

K.C. the Cat Pig!

My kitty K.C. will eat anything! He loves cantaloupe, honeydew, zucchini, frozen peas, pepperoni, and so many other things. Last week I was cutting up some cucumbers and threw one for him. I had peeled it and he ate the whole thing! So I threw him one that still had the skin on and the picture below is what was left for me on the floor. He ate the inside and left the skin for me! Funny kitty!


Cake Try 1

This summer Jared's grandparents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary. WOW! I said that I would make them a cake. I found out a week ago that they never had a wedding cake and knew what I had to try to make. This is just try one, I will be trying again before I have to make the final cake.The topper
Without anything in the middle

With stuff in the middle. Which do you like better?


Creative Arts Day 2012

On April 14th the boys participated in Creative Arts Day for 4-H. They entered arts and crafts projects. Ethan entered a skit and Kellen played his French Horn. They both did VERY well! Ethan introducing himself to the judge
Ethan and his father from the skit
Ethan riding the donkey
I don't usually post pictures of other kids but I had to share this one! This is my favorite donkey of all time!
Kellen preforming
Playing the Forrest Gump Theme Song
Kellen did not win this year for his playing but he did very well. He was bumped up a group and was competing with much older kids. He will do it again next year!

We had a great time getting to talk with people that we don't see very often. I also got a lot of fun ideas for this summer and next year!

Creative Arts Projects

April 14th was 4-H Creative Arts Day. The boys worked very hard on some projects that they showed off. Ethan was also in a skit and Kellen played the French Horn (those pictures will be posted on their own).
Ethan made the blue centered flower and Kellen made the red centered one
The napkin holder that Ethan made for me
Kellen tie dyed this shirt!
Ethan's Jelly Fish
Kellen made mouse trap magnetic note holders
Ethan made seed paper cookies
Kellen drew Eeyore. I think he did a great job!!! I wish I could draw like that!


Last weekend we celebrated Easter with Grandma Schumacher on the farm. The boys always love to be there because there is always something to do. This year they colored eggs and played outside. They also got to visit with their Great Grandma and Great Grandpa! On Sunday morning they looked for eggs and baskets. They were so funny to watch! They would walk right by the easy ones but still found the harder to find ones. I laughed so much at them. Blogger decided to publish my pictures in a strange order so bear with me.Kellen checking out the egg stands
Ethan coloring an egg. The boys both said that they did not want to color eggs so the adults were going to do it. Once the boys saw we wanted to do it they took over!
Kellen with Suzie
Ethan with Suzie
Zephyr I think
Poor kitty
Kellen dipping an egg!

We had a great Easter and hope that you did as well!