First Fire Of The Year

Tonight we had the first fire in our new fire pit! We were supposed to be burning the lawn stuff but there is just too much of it. We are hoping to get it all taken care of by the city. We are also going to start a compost pile with the grass clippings and other stuff like that. Lots of work but we are up to it!The fire
The house is on fire! This was a birdhouse that was left here so it went in the fire
Ethan poking at the fire. He only did this when I was right there.
The first S'more of the summer! The first fire and the first S'more! What a great night!
Jared working by the fire......My very own geek!
We took Lily out on a leash tonight. She loved it but I don't think we will be doing that again. She hissed at me when it was time to go in. I call the picture above A Boy and His Dog.......I Mean Cat
Lily exploring
Lily checking out the fence

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