Be Glad With Dad!

It has been a beautiful day here and I got to spend it with one of the best dads that I know, My husband! I am just sitting here thinking about my dad and step dad. I have so many wonderful memories with both of them. But as today is also my anniversary I am thinking about my wedding day! I am remembering my dad walking me down the aisle and our dance. I am also thinking about Ray. I remember him showing up at the reception with a Mickey Mouse vest on. I also remember our dance. I remember being so dizzy by the end of the dances that I could barely stand. There are also many memories of both of them as I grew up. But those are what I am remembering right now.

So I hope that all dads had a wonderful day! We did! We did some yard work and built a fire pit in the back yard. We can hardly wait to try it out! Maybe next weekend we will do the whole hot dog and S'mores thing.

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