Wildwood Zoo and Park

Today, I took Ethan to check out the zoo here in town. It was an okay zoo. There was an area where you drove around and saw animals. You could even get out of the car along the way. We saw a wolf, bald eagle, hawks, bison, falcon, elks, groundhogs, ducks, bunnies and so much more!A white wolf
A Bald Eagle statue
Ethan with the statue
Ethan trying to get close to the ducks
The bear that they had was hot and was inside so this bear had to do us
The groundhogs (look and you might see the baby ones)
Ethan as some sort of bird

There was also a park that Ethan played at for awhile. I told him that we would go back. He told me that he would be begging to come back to play tomorrow.
Ethan at the top of the climber
Ethan driving a car
Ethan at the top again. He even got me to climb this. I did not like it but I guess I will do anything for my kids.

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