Tiny Triumphs 32

Another busy week in the Teche house! We have been busy and loving being able to work outside again. I loved planting the garden and the rest isn't as bad as I remember it being. I am sure that the novelty will eventually wear off. But right now I am in heaven!

1. The Landlord is working hard on the upstairs. He is putting in a bathroom, Closet, and another bedroom. He will be here for awhile but I don't seem to mind because things that were supposed to be done before we moved in are finally getting done! Now, while that is not something that we did it will be HUGE when it is done! I do a little dance every time that I go up there. Yes, I am that happy!

2. Jared and I are making progress in the backyard! We are doing it a bit at a time and it seems to be going pretty fast.

3. Ethan and I have been reading a lot during the day. He is trying to get his name on the board at the library (he has to read 10 hours)!

4. Kellen has not asked to come home once since he arrived at Grandma Schumacher's house!

I hope that you all will have a great week! I know we will be busy and happy! Have a great week!

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