Let's Read A Book!

Today, I took Ethan to the library to get our new cards. The library here is pretty big and Ethan was impressed. I also took the time to sign him up for the summer reading program. They seem to have a good program here. Nothing quite as good as the one from our old library. They even have some programs that I think that we might take advantage of. There is a movie day, a black light puppet show, and other things. Sounds like fun!

Ethan picked out quite a few books that he wanted to read. The books were all on animals like lizards and dinosaurs. I thought that he would want to read stories but he is really interested in animal facts. We also got a book about building things like rockets, planes, and things that float. That should keep us busy in the weeks to come. I am sure that there will be pictures when we start to build.

This summer is shaping up to be a busy one!

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