Fresh From The Garden!

The garden has been a huge success. We only wish that we put in more of the things that we love, like green beans. We have not gotten enough at one time to even make a jar of dilly beans. Peas are another one that we like but did not seem to plant enough. We are coming into tomato time and I am excited! I do not eat tomatoes plain but I will can them and put them in chili and sauces all winter. So soon I will be busy canning tomatoes! We also have had crappy luck with cauliflower. It just did not turn out right. So we will not be doing that again next year.

Here is a joke for ya!

What is Lassie's favorite vegetable?

Cauliflower! I know I crack me up too!Here is a face the boys made with their harvest today! Yes, we play with our food in this house!
Broccoli from a few weeks back! I blanched and froze it and we could not let it wait so we ate it for dinner the other night. And boy was it awesome! More broccoli is going to be done next year!
Broccoli again
Our beans, peas, tomatoes, and jalapeno we harvested today!

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