Tiny Triumphs 27!

This has been a great week here! We have kept busy even with all the rain that has been in the area this week. The boys are liking actually being on Summer Vacation! There is no alarm to set and no Summer School to go to!

1. The boys are home from Grandma's! They had fun! They were able to swim in the creek and loved it! They also went for a walk every night! Kellen will be going back next week to help with hay.

2. My knee is still a little stiff and hurts a bit if I over do it. It is getting better every day and it feels strange to have a bigger range of motion than I have ever had. The surgeon called this week and told me that after he saw the mass under the microscope that he doubts that it will ever come back! So YAY!

3. We are going camping this weekend with Pam, Jon, and Anna! We can't wait!

4. We are going to harvest our first tomatoes today out of the garden!

Have a great week!

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