Clothing Review 2011

The boys were part of the 4-H clothing review. They were judged on how well they sewed their item of clothing. The boys did well. The judge pointed out a few things that need to be fixed before fair. We will make sure that we get them done.

Kellen talking to the judge. They talked about ripping seams. We somehow sewed a seam wrong and had to rip out a LONG seam. She said that every person that sewed has had to rip a few seams.
Kellen won second place for his pants!
All the kids that made something for the review
Ethan, Kellen, and Logan modeling their clothes
For some reason blogger is putting the pictures in any order that they want today so, here is Ethan talking to the judge. Ethan did not get a ribbon as he is a Cloverbud. Next year, if he does this he could earn a ribbon.

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