Well, the surgery went well! They removed a small benign tumor from under my knee cap. They got what they could out but think that it will grow back over time. But for now I am done. I had surgery yesterday at about 3:00 p.m. I had to fast from midnight on. So I was not a very happy camper. I am now bandaged from my thigh down to my foot in an ace bandage. I am also icing my knee and keeping it elevated. The doctor gave me some pain pills to take when I feel the pain. But, as I am with almost every other drug, I am allergic to it. So now I just can take Tylenol. This sucks because I hurt. Also, I was up all night scratching. I have a few red marks on my skin from where I itched too hard.

Well, I am off to do a few things and get some more food in me. As I missed out on the food all day yesterday.

Have A Great Day

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