Camping At Roche-A-Cri State Park

Over the weekend the Teche family and the Weiler family got together for a weekend of fun camping! I miss them a lot and it is always a fantastic time! It was sad to see the weekend end but we will get together again soon!Since the grown ups cooked the kids had to do all the dishes. It worked out great for the adults. It did back fire on Kellen. He made the schedule and ended up washing dishes on the one meal that we used a lot of dishes to make.
Here the kids are working
Jon going where no man should go!
The petroglyphs

The kids by the petroglyphs
The petroglyph rock. It was huge with names carved into it. There were some there from 1861. It was cool
Not sure about this one

Jon taking a picture of something and I took a picture of him
This little bug was strange. It looked like he carried his house around on his back. The house looked like it was made of Styrofoam.
Just a cool picture of mushrooms
The boys chilling by the fire
Jon loves his tarp
The fire
Anna being Anna
Ethan relaxing by the fire
Ethan coming out of the bathroom
A walk to the potty

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