Tiny Triumphs 25!

This week has flown by! I can hardly believe that July is almost over. We are camping in a few weeks with some great friends. I can hardly wait! I think it will be time for some adult beverages and relaxing.

1. Ethan has had outdoor education this week in summer school. He has gone out to the School Forest everyday this week. Today they made fishing poles and fished. Tomorrow they are swimming! He has been having a blast!

2. Kellen is loving his Zoology class. They have gone to the zoo everyday for the last two weeks. They get to go behind the scenes at the zoo. He even made toys for the Mountain Lions to play with.

3. I have had all my pre-op appointments. So a week from tomorrow I have knee surgery! I hope it helps my knee feel all better!

4. The boys have been doing their chores almost everyday. I love that they are becoming little men!

Have a great week!

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