Kellen's Birthday Party

On Sunday July 4th we celebrated Kellen's 11th birthday! I have a hard time believing that he is that old. As my Dad put it "You really are getting old April." Thanks Dad! Anyways, it rained off and on all day. So we did the outside stuff when we could. We did a pinata and some small fireworks. Later, since it was raining we sat on our front porch and watched the show! I love that I can see them from our house. All we missed was the ground show.The pinata before the kids broke it. I broke down and bought one instead of making one
Logan spinning on the bat. We just did this to keep the kids busy while Jared got the pinata ready to go
Becca spinning! The bat was almost as tall as she is
Kellen right before he fell over
Ethan spinning
This was the only smart kid. He would not spin said that he did not want to get dizzy. This is D a friend of Jared's son, he is also 11.
Kellen getting some of the streamers off
Becca taking a swing
Another Becca swing
Logan's swing
Ethan's swing
Another Ethan
This is right after Jared dropped the pinata on D. I love the belly laugh!
Kellen swinging. I think Jared got him too on this one!
Logan wondering when the pinata will come down again
D taking a swing
Jared pulling the string
All that was left of the pinata
D's Dad getting to know K.C.

We had a fun day! We played games, ate, played Wii, did sparklers, and just had a BLAST!

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