The Splash Pad and Other Fun!

On Friday, Kate was going into Wausau so Ethan and I hitched a ride. We went to a place called the Splash Pad. It really is a neat place for the kids to play. I like the fact that there is no standing water to drown in! I also like that it is only 50 cents a person to get in for as long as you want to play! Logan had a class at the museum so he did not get to splash with us. Ethan and Becca had a good time together.Dr. Logan is in!
Ethan waiting for the bucketful of water to dump on him
Ethan laying while the buckets dumps
Another of Ethan being dumped on
Becca with one of the fountains
Becca sitting on the fountain. This is such an adorable picture of Becca!
Ethan and Becca getting wet
Ethan walking through the tunnel
Just out of the tunnel
Ethan spinning
A picture of the Splash Pad
A different view of the Splash Pad
Another view of the Splash Pad
Becca leaving her body prints on the cement
When we went to the museum to pick up Logan we explored for a bit. We found the Mountain Lion sculpture
A crane sculpture
The only sculpture that the kids can touch and climb on. The hippo
Ethan and Becca on the Hippo
Ethan standing by the lizard on a statue. We had to get these pictures for Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie.
Ethan being cute!

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