Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk?

On Wednesday night Ethan and I went and "helped" Kate milk her parents cows! I have never seen it done or even tried to do it. This was a new experience for me. I was nervous because the cows are HUGE. But, I was glad that it was done by a milking machine. Also, I only have limited experience with beef cattle. And let me tell you that beef cattle and milkers are so different. We even got to see the new baby cows and cats, kittens and a bunch of other animals. We were all dirty when it was done but we all had some fun.

While we were moving the cows into the parlor all of the kids got stuck in a mud puddle. It was funny to watch all three of them loose their boots and have to walk in the mud in their socks.Some really pretty looking roosters
Ethan and Kate herding the cows in
The kids and Kate getting a stubborn cow to move
More herding. While we were out there we noticed that one of the cows had given birth that day. I helped get the calf into the calf barn. And I even got to name her. Her mom's name is Cash so her name had to start with C. Her Daddy's name is Sultan. So I thought Sultan with a gem and searched for a gem name that started with C. So I would like to introduce you to.........
Folklore Farms Sultan's Citrine. Like the orange gem. I think it fits cause she is kind of orange
Ethan and Citrine
More of Ethan and Citrine
A cow ready to be milked
Hey aren't you gonna get to milking me?
The milking parlor where I spent at least an hour with Kate! I cleaned them, put the milking thing on them, undid the milking thing, and dipped them after. I also helped feed them. Ethan and the kids filled the feed buckets for us!
Feeding a baby
Ethan feeding
Ethan still feeding

All in all a great night! I had fun and learned something. Kate said that I could come and help again and I think I will.

The answer to my title is NO! I was so sad that it was not true. But I did get to taste some fresh milk from that morning that was cold. It was so different than the stuff that you get in the stores.

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