Tiny Triumphs 34

Another week has gone by. This summer is speeding by. I don't know if that is good or bad. I always remember summer when I was a kid as being long. Now as an adult it seems so short. There is so much left that I want to do. So I hope that I get to it all. Camping would be great! As would swimming in a pool or a lake. I also have many places around here that I would love to check out. I will keep you updated as to what gets done.

On with the triumphs!

1. K.C. is getting used to the house and Lily. Even Lily seems to be making progress on getting used to K.C. I even took K.C. to the vet and got some things taken care of. Since he was a farm kitten there was worms and ear mites. We got those taken care of and have appointments for him to get his shots. Also, in about six weeks he will be getting neutered.

2. We planted some bushes in the front of the house. We had taken out the ugly ones that were here when we moved in. I don't know what they were but I found them ugly.

3. Jared and Mike took out the lilacs that were in the backyard. I love lilacs but the backyard is so shaded that they would not do very well. So on Sunday Jared and Mike cut them down! The place where they used to be looks empty but will soon be filled. We have plans to put in a pond in that corner!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

5. Kate taught Ethan and I how to stick weave. Ethan seems to really enjoy doing it. He will do some weaving every night. It seems to calm him down when I know he needs a minute or two to collect himself.

I hope all have a good week!

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