Welcome K.C.

Today we went to Mike and Kate's house to help out again! Jared and I had been kicking about the idea of getting another cat for Lily to play with. We were hoping that once they got used to each other someone would be there to play with Lily. Well, today was the day that we got a new kitty! He is so tiny and sweet. Lily is just watching him but she will hiss if he gets too close to her. I am sure that in a bit they will be best friends.

The kitty's name is K.C. which is short for Kitty Cat! Thanks Kate for the cute name. We had thought that we would name him Buddy but there was a problem with that. I seem to call my kids Buddy. So that name would not work!.

So, on with the pictures!The orange and white cat on the top is Gia, Mike and Kate's cat. He is just watching the box with the kitty sleep.
This is K.C. getting ready to sleep in the box
More K.C.
A close up of K.C. In this one I have to say that his eyes look stupid here. He has kitty eyes. I just hope they get smarter looking.

Well, I am off to play with the new addition!

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