That Is Just Wreathy!

Get it Wreathy? Peachy? I know I am funny and nothing you say will ever change my mind. At least I make myself laugh!

Creative Arts Day for 4-H is fast approaching. It is this coming weekend. The boys are in a play and are also bringing a few crafts to show off. One of the crafts is a seasonal craft. We decided that we were going to make neat wreaths. Ethan made an Easter one and Kellen made a Halloween one. I think they turned out great!Ethan's Easter wreath. He hot glued small glitter styrofoam eggs all over the wreath form. He also glued some butterflies on too. He was so excited to be able to use the hot glue gun. It turned out very cute.
Here is Kellen's spooky wreath. He used a wreath form and glued bugs, snakes, and other critters to the form. Then he spray painted it all black. There is netting on the back to kind of look like webs. He has made a few adjustments since the picture was taken. He ripped the webs and wrinkled them. It looks so cool!

A close up of the bugs and critters

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