Tiny Triumphs 14!

On time again! I have to say that I am getting good at this! I probably should not say that and jinx myself. It has been another wild week here! I feel like I have spent the week driving the kids around to one thing or another. So on with the Triumphs so I can go get some sleep!

1. Creative Arts Day was on April 9th. The boys did very well in showing off their creative side. The boys brought many projects to share with everyone. I even got some new ideas for us to use here!

2. Ethan's Spring Concert was tonight. The kids sang some fun songs and did a little dancing. My son found me in the audience and was trying to make me laugh by making faces, bobbing his head, and just being goofy. I had to stop myself from laughing because he was loosing his place in the songs.

3. I have now started the seeds for my garden this summer! There will be Tomatoes, Honey Dew Melons, Peas, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Jalapenos, Green Peppers, Strawberries, and more! I rented a garden space at the Community Garden for the summer. Should be fun to see if I like it or not. I also started some seeds for the side garden too. Black Holly Hocks, Kale and Swiss Chard. Kale and Swiss Chard will look beautiful over there and fill in the spaces so I don't have to weed as often. I HATE weeding. I will take some pictures when everything starts to grow. I also got a Topsy Turvy for the strawberries and I hope that it works. I will also be trying the Topsy Turvy with the Cucumbers. Keep your fingers crossed!

4. We found a Venus Fly Trap!!!!! Ethan and Kellen have been interested in them for weeks now! Ethan can't stop talking about it. I have done lots of research and will most likely be buying a few crickets to feed it soon. I guess ants and other leaf eaters might eat their way out of the trap (kind of rude if you ask me). So flies and crickets are good food. I did find out that I only need to feed it three times a year! Which is good because I can't stand bugs! The things I will do to keep my boys happy! I might even touch a bug (I don't make any promises) (so I guess don't hold your breath).

Have a FANTASTIC week!!!!

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