Creative Arts Day!

Today was Creative Arts Day for the 4-H clubs in our area. This was our first year doing this and I was very impressed! The kids are all amazing! The things some of them can do just floors me. Kellen and Ethan were in a play and showed some of their crafts. Kellen also played French Horn. I could not be more proud of my boys!Ethan the Flashy Dresser Pig and Grandpa Pig. The name of the play was 12 Angry Pigs.
Kellen the Business Man Pig
More of Kellen
Ethan and Grandpa. The Southern Belle is on the far Right
You have to love the chains on Ethan's neck
The boys by the 4-H sign
Kellen getting ready to play his French Horn.
My baby looks so grown up here playing his horn. The judge said that he was a natural and if he continued to progress we could maybe see some scholarships!
This is Kellen getting an award for his craft projects
Kellen and his friend showing off their prizes!
Ethan and his ribbon! He got that for participating. He is still a Clover Bud (The youngest kids) so he will be able to really compete next year
This is Kellen the 1st place Instrumental winner for grades 3-5! I am so proud of all that he has done in such a short time!
Kellen and his ribbon for his crafts
Kellen and his wind chime
Ethan and the birdhouse that he made. He did all the sawing by hand and did all the work
Kellen and his birdhouse that he did all the work on
Ethan and his wind chime
Kellen made a trivet for my plants out of a hula hoop and some t-shirts! Very cool!
Ethan and his Easter wreath
"Man this leaf is heavy!" Ethan mad a leaf cast!
Kellen and his Spooky Wreath!

It was a long but fun day! The boys are bringing most of their projects to the fair this year. I am so proud of my boys!!!!!


Gilley Girl said...

The boys are just so amazing with all the activities they are in! And how their mom can cram so much into a day or a weekend is beyond me, she was never that active when she lived at home.

I just have to ask tho : did the Fancy Dresser and the Businessman pigs go WEE WEE WEE all the way

Ta Da ...(waiting for a rim shot).

I know, I know, I crack myself up!

ateche said...

They went wee wee wee all over the justice system (an actual line in the play)

Also, as to being active at home I did not feel like it