Tiny Triumphs 13!

YAY! I am on the ball this week! Hard to believe, I know! We have been keeping busy here. Sometimes, I wonder why we signed up for all of these things. Then I remember that we have fun and that is all that really matters.

1. The boys are nearly done with their bird houses that they were building with Jared! They used hand saws and did all the work themselves! This is a project for 4-H.

2. I had a fantastic birthday on Monday! Jared came home early and we spent the day together and had lunch! When the boys were home we went out to dinner and went to see the movie Hop. It was a very cute movie! I had a great day! Kate also took me out to breakfast on Tuesday! I have been spoiled!

3. A bunch of spring flowers are surprising me. I did not know there were there. There seems to be a ton of tulips and some other ones too. I love it!

4. Spring cleaning is going well. I hate to clean so this is major. I am slowly working my way through the house. It should all be done by next spring. Just in time to start again!

5. I got the cats a tie out so they can go outside. Lily has been pushing out screens to get out. I hope that letting her out will stop that. I got them new harnesses to wear out. K.C. hates his. He is trying to chew it off. But he can't get it. He will seem to be okay and then he will remember that it is there and freak out. Lily is not too fond of it either but she leaves it alone.

Have a great week!

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