Tiny Triumphs 12!

I am back to blogging! I have been very busy and not online as much. We are all trying to limit our time on the computer and in front of screens. So I hope to do this every week but it may be hit or miss til I figure out how to incorporate this into my new schedule!

1. I am no longer on crutches!!!! I hate them! My knee is slowly getting better but is still not 100%. My Physical Therapist is amazed at how fast I am healing! I do all the things that he tells me to and I wear the new brace all day. I am trying to avoid surgery and the therapist says that if I keep healing the way I am that I should not need it.

2. The boys have been working on their crafts for Creative Arts Day! It is April 9th!

3. The boys have been practicing their lines for the play for Creative Arts Day!

4. The boys seem to really enjoy their Yoga class! They are thinking about doing it again next session.

Have a Great week!

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