Tiny Triumphs 16!

Boy, this week has gone by in a blur. Busy, busy, busy! It has been a good week though. And I would like to point out that my Triumphs are on time this week!

1. The boys are doing well in their swimming lessons! If they keep up the progress they should both move up when this session is over.

2. A lot of the plants that I started from seed have started growing well!

3. Ethan and I are going to see a movie with his class tomorrow! We are going to see Rio!

4. Jared and I got new cell phones! This is going to be great! We got a plan with the coverage that we need and also we are able to add another line when we need to. And we may be needing that sooner rather than later. Also, they are just cool. So if you need the numbers for my cell or Jared's let me know!

Have a wonderful week! This weekend we are going to be cleaning out the garage. FUN, FUN, FUN!

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