That Was Interesting!

We went Roller Skating this week. I have to say that I have not put on a pair of roller skates in twenty years. I have been roller blading but for some reason it seems harder on the regular skates. All four of us skated and some of us fell. Kellen, Ethan and I wiped out. By the end of the evening Jared and I were less shaky on our legs. I only got a few pictures, because cameras conspire against me. The batteries went dead. RUDE!Ethan putting on his skates. He did well. He was very careful as he did not want to fall and get hurt. When he did fall he did it well. He went down HARD.
Jared in his skates. He is the only one of us that did not fall. He did not seem worried about falling. I sure was! I figured it would be different peeling my almost 34 year old butt off the floor than it was to get up at 13. Boy was I right!Kellen was a loon on the rink. He did not care if he fell. He would go as fast as he could and then plow into the wall or fall to stop. He was fearless! He said that he was a bit sore the next day.

We are planning on going again soon so that we can all get some more exercise! I can't wait! It was still fun after all these years!

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