Big Paper!

When I was little I remember going to Grandma Jean's and Grandpa Kenny's house. I also remember how much fun I had coloring on the large rolls of paper on the kitchen floor. She used to buy the ends of the newspaper rolls. I remember it so well! I remembered it the other day at Menard's when I saw the HUGE rolls of Red Paper for protecting the floor while you paint. So I bought it and Ethan and I put some of it to good use today!!!!

This is a Long Necked Jaguar Dinosaur
Ethan drew a scribble and this is what I turned it into
K.C. paw print that Ethan drew
Ethan made a T-Rex out of a scribble. Yes, that dino is pooping. I know, gross! But Ethan is a boy and that is what he does.
For Dad and Ann! And, this Mickey says "Oh, Noooooooooooo!"

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