Tiny Triumphs 10!

The boys have been on Spring Break this week! And what a week it has been. It snowed yesterday and we got 5ish inches! Spring, my foot. We have been keeping busy.

1. Monday, the boys and I went bowling. The boys did well. It was the first time that Ethan bowled with out the bumpers. Kellen is a sight to behold.

2. We have been working on learning lines for the 4-H play.

3. The whole family went Roller Skating tonight. I have to say Kellen did really well. He just flew all over not caring if he fell or not. Ethan was slow but by the end of the night he was doing really well. Jared and I were doing well after we found our skating legs.

4. We have been working on arts and crafts for 4-H Creative Arts Day in April. I am going to take some pictures of what they have been working on.

Have a great week! We are planning on painting ceramics tomorrow and taking in Gnomeo and Juliet this weekend to round out the week!

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