Tiny Triumphs 9!

As I sit here looking back over the past week I am amazed at all that was accomplished! And we spent some good time together!

1. All City Band started again for Kellen. He goes once a week on Mondays. They are getting ready for a Spring concert. He is also practicing for Creative Arts Day for 4-H. He will be playing his French Horn for that as well.

2. Both boys moved up in their swimming classes! They seem to be doing really well! I mean just three months ago Ethan could not swim at all and was very uncomfortable in the water. But yesterday I watched him swim the length of the pool by himself with no floats! Kellen is really learning some new strokes and is really doing some cool stuff!

3. I have been at the gym almost every day in the last week. With the boys taking yoga, swimming lessons on different nights, and a Saturday morning class I am at the Y quite a bit! And let us not forget my yoga that I love to do!

4. The boys are getting ready for a play that 4-H is putting on! They are really learning their lines well! They are also learning how to project their voices and to add some emotions into what they are saying!

Have a great week! I know we will as we are on Spring Break next week!

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