Tiny Triumphs 40!

This week has been a busy week in our home. Trying to get ready for the new school year, finishing off summer right, and just normal stuff around here. Canning and freezing have taken a lot of my time this week. I made corn salsa that is just so yummy! I also made canned corn relish. and I froze and dried some veggies and fruits.

1. We had a mini vacation in the Dells with the Weiler family! It was great to see them! We are planning another one to break up the winter a bit!

2. The boys had their check ups yesterday! Kellen is just where he should be for height and weight, about 40% for both. Ethan is in the 90th percentile for his height (that just means in a room of 100 kids his age there would only be 10 kids taller than him). He is at the 105% for his weight (off the chart) But I think he is getting ready to grow again and the doc was not worried about his weight. Just gave him a food pyramid and told him how to make better choices. She also told him to try and be outside more. He will listen to her but not to me. Ain't that just the way it is?

3. We went to Back To School Night at the new school last night! The boys seemed to be in awe of how BIG the school is! Also, they both get lockers! A HUGE thing for them. Kellen is excited about the year because they use computers more than our old school did. His teacher has a laptop in the room for each kid! His teacher also talked to Kellen for awhile last night. He said that he can't wait to see what Kellen is capable of but he has to show Mr. Frank that he deserves what his old teachers have wrote about him. Mr. Frank also told him that there would be no slacking and since he read Kellen's file he has high expectations for him. Kellen also met a boy in his class named Mikey. Seeing the school and meeting someone really helped Kellen relax about the upcoming start of the year! Ethan's teacher seems like a very nice woman. She did not seem to have a lot of time to talk but he likes her. Right as we got there a handicapped boy came into the room so she was spread in several different directions. But now they both are excited about going to school!

4. K.C. was neutered yesterday!

5. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week! I know ours will be good and busy!

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