Our Mini Vacation!

On Friday we went down to the Dells. We met Anna, Pam, and Jon at Mt. Olympus. We were there for two days and one night. It was a blast! We were all tired when we got home. It was nice to have a mini vacation and see some good friends. We start the trip out with a picture of my morning glories....."Morning, Glory!" I know I crack me up too!
Pam and Kellen getting ready to take off on the Go Carts

Anna is the blond head racing away
Kellen driving
Kellen in the bumper boats
Ethan driving the bumper boats
Ethan trying to steer out of the way of the water spray
Kellen heading for his brother
Anna driving the bumper boats
Both boys bumping Anna

We went downtown for a little while. I figured that we had almost everything at our hotel. Well, except for a candy shop, a grocery store and the above Indian. In the picture above Kellen is trying to pose like the Indian
More posing with the Indian
Pam and I making out with the Indian
A store downtown had a HUGE singing troll. He was funny!
Saturday morning we got up early after staying up late. We went on the Original Wisconsin Duck Tour. We were on the first Duck of the morning. Above is the boys getting ready to leave on the Duck
Anna on the Duck
Jon taking a picture of me in the mirror
Stalker eyes
A nice go cart track we saw from our Duck ride
Josh our tour guide
A blurry statue on the ride. He did not slow down so a lot of these are kind of blurry
See those brown spots there? They are invisible ferns that grow rampant in the Dells area
Going on the water
Cool rocks
Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock again and can you see the piano next to it?
There it is!
A hawk in the rock
See the beak?
The boys listening to the tour
Anna Banana
More rocks

I thought that this rock looked like it had a tornado in it
Tornado rock
Me and Anna
Cool rocks
This is where Lake Delton over flowed into the river a few years ago. That is Highway A that the car is on.

A house we all wanted
Hold all of your dam questions til the end of the dam tour!
More of the Dam
Just in case you did not know it is a Dam they labeled it for you
My feet on the Duck
Anna's feet on the Duck
The boys feet on the Duck
The view out the rear end of a Duck! HAHAHA!

Blurry deer
The boys having a good time
Jared on the Duck
Lily Pads
Something that we drove under
Moving rocks
There is a fallen tree in this picture. Anna, got on this kick and pointed out all the fallen trees to anyone who would listen. The tour guide got into too and pointed any he saw out to her.

The Duck graveyard
Poor dead Ducks!
Josh again
This is the only track that Ethan could drive by himself. He was not tall enough for the other ones so he just rode with either Jared or Me
This is serious stuff

Me taking off on the fast track. There were no kids allowed on this one!
This is me pointing out to the guys who was making me mad. If they could have seen my eyes they would have melted to their seats. They were hitting people and making it hard for me to get around them. So they had my wrath
Pam cruising
Jon taking off
Jared driving

The seven of us after a fun two days! We were all tired and some a bit crispy but we had fun!
We are planning to get together again for New Year's Eve. Should be fun!
On our way home Jared, Kellen, Ethan, and I stopped at the Classic Denny's Diner
Elvis was outside! I always thought that he lived in my basement but there he is.
A blurry Blue's Brothers
Ms. Monroe......Happy Birthday Mr. President

We had a great time with Pam, Jon, and Anna! We are going to have to do it again soon. I really do miss them!

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