Tiny Triumphs 39!

See, I can learn. The numbers on the Tiny Triumphs have not been repeated since it was pointed out to me. It just goes to show that the kids were right, I can't count past ten without getting out my toes and after twenty I am lost. So I will try to keep up the right numbers.

1. The family are going on a mini vacation tomorrow! We will be having fun with the Weiler clan. We are all going to Mt. Olympus in the Dells. We will be there Friday and Saturday. Now, all I have to do is pack and hope for nice warm weather.

2. The boys are enjoying what is left of summer. They are kind of nervous about going to a new school and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be helpful!

3. I have frozen corn this week. I have also found a few canning recipes that I am going to try with it. It is just so hard to do anything with it when we all just want to eat it hot with butter! Yummy!

4. The litter is STILL being scooped!

Have a great weekend and week! I know we will!

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