Tiny Triumphs 37!

Well, the boys are home from Grandma's house. They were up there for ten days! They got home yesterday and I really missed them. But while they were away I was canning and baking up a storm! I will post some pictures of the stuff I have been up to soon.

1. I fixed the Tiny Triumphs numbers! Jared pointed out to me that I was repeating a lot of numbers. I did not notice this so I was amazed that I did that.

2. Jared has started working on my shelf in the basement. It is going to be a HUGE shelf for all the canning that I am doing. Cause I a bit tired of tripping over the jars that I have stacked all over the floor.

3. The plants in my side garden are thriving. They are really putting down roots so that they can come back next year. I also have plans for it for next year. I will give you a clue there will be Holly Hocks and Cup and Saucer plant. There will be other things that I will keep up my sleeve til next year.

4. The boys are home! This one is HUGE! I do not feel quite like myself without my boys home.

Have a GREAT week!

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