Shire of Falcon's Keep

On Saturday we spent the day back in time. We enjoyed a day of learning about olden times. We went to an SCA event. We were lucky to join the Shire of Falcon's Keep for a day. It was really neat. A small city popped up for a few days. There were a lot of things to watch and do. Ethan seemed to like to watch the battle. The Rapier
More Rapier
Long sword fighting. I think that it what it was called
Our friend Kate. She is showing off the yarn that she spun. She is from the 1500's.
The battle

I am not quite sure but I think that guy might be dead
The kneeling guys are still fighting even after their legs have been cut off
More fighting

This is the Blacksmith. He is making his fire hotter using his bellows. They were making some cool things.
Here he is hammering a leaf that he was making. We learned how they make the iron and got to touch it. We also learned that if we lived back then when the boys were about 14 they could become apprentices. There would be a contract for the parents to sign that said what kinds of punishment can be used. The kids would work a few years doing grunt work before the Blacksmith would even consider letting them pick up a hammer. They would be given two newish sets of clothes a year. Hand me downs from the Blacksmith's children. And if he had girls you would be out of luck.

We really did learn a lot. And had a great time! It was very neat to have the privilege to see a small part of what they were doing.

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