Tiny Triumphs 30!

Yes, I know that the Triumphs are late again. I am enjoying life and having a good time with the boys.

1. We shot off the boys rockets. We had to test them before Kellen enters his in the fair. Well, three rockets came in and only one came out. Jared's is the only rocket that we could find. Kellen's and Ethan's went up so high that we lost them. So Kellen and Ethan are hurrying to make another one before the fair. And being the bad mom that I am I did not get any pictures of what the rockets even looked like before they were lost. So I will with the new ones.

2. The stuff for the fair is almost done. We just have a few things left to get done.

3. The boys are ready for school. Well, the supplies are ready. I don't think that they want to go back yet. They both have new to the school teachers so we don't know either of them. I hope they are good with the boys.

4. Jared starts school next week! I am so proud of him!

Have a great week!

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