Hay You!

On Saturday afternoon we went up to Grandma Schumacher's house to help with hay. Well, I supervised but even the boys helped. The boys helped salt the bales. Salting the bales helps to dry them out so there is no possibilities of a fire in the barn. They loved being up on the top of all that hay. It is too bad that it poured before the field was done. But they got 8 wagons full and into the barn!That is Aaron and Jared on the wagon. They stacked all the bales on the wagon as the baler made them.
Kellen all ready to hay! He looks so big! I can't believe that he is 12!
Some baby deer that were in the road. I know they are called fawns but I like to call any small animal a baby.
Ethan found this woolly caterpillar. He was a fast mover! I was just happy that Ethan let it go and did not squish it. That is what he usually does.

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