Today, Ethan and I made some cookies! Ethan did most of the work. He really is growing up on me. I am not sure if I like it or not.Ethan measuring the brown sugar
Got to mix! Aunt Sherry, that bottle of vanilla is the one that you gave me a year or so ago and it is now almost gone! (Hint, when you go south of the border again I need more)
Cracking an egg. He did not get any shells in the bowl! Check out his face!
What the cookies look like before we put them in the oven! Yes, those are Double Stuff Oreo's on the bottom
What they look like after they bake
Ethan, the master of the Ov'Glove!
Inside of the cookie!
Ethan eating the first cookie!

He says they are the best cookies in the whole world! So, maybe if you are lucky, he will make some for you.

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