Tiny Triumphs 31!

Well, summer vacation is officially over today. I am kind of bored with no one to play with. How sad is that? But never fear I have found some not fun things that I have been putting off that will now get done. Like cleaning the upstairs bathroom. YUCK!

1. The fair has started and the boys things are being judged. I don't want to tell you how they are doing yet because not all of Kellen's are judged yet. I will do a post all about it when everything is judged. But let me tell you they are doing very well!

2. I now have a sixth grader and a third grader! Where does the time go? I feel like I was just having them and changing diapers. Does this mean that I am getting old? Because I am sure that I am still 27 years old. I am not actually 34.

3. I entered some things in the fair as well. As of yesterday my cactus got a second place. I will let you know how I do on the rest. I have a feeling that my jam is going to be disqualified because I put it in the wrong category. But this is my first year doing this so I am learning.

4. Jared and I have plans to go to the gym in the mornings before school. I am putting this here so that you can give us a push so we will go. But I have to say that 5 in the morning is REALLY early! And we will need a few pushes.

Have a great week!

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