Tiny Triumphs 2!

This has been a good week! I went on a field trip with Ethan's class today. We walked to a bank. We got to see how they do their jobs. We also got to see the vault! It was not as impressive as I thought that it was. There was not any money laying around. What the bank had was kept in a fairly mid sized cabinet. The kids had a good time. I got a travel mug so I was happy!

1. All City band is almost over. I have been dropping Kellen off every Monday night so he can get ready for their concert next week. They will still practice at school and at home. It takes one thing off of us to remember each week. And as 4-H is on Monday it will make some of them easier.

2. Jared is looking for a new to him car!

3. I have been to the gym three times or more a week! Yoga hurts me but it feels good!

4. Ethan and Kellen have been reading more this week!

Have a good week!

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