This Little Piggy.....

What do you do on a day both boys are home sick? You are also sick yourself? And you pulled a muscle and can't move? Well, that is exactly what the Teche Family faced today! The boys were very helpful but T.V. only held their interest for so long. So after reading and doing some other things Ethan and I found ourselves at loose ends. I found a Sharpie marker next to me and drew a smile on my toe. Then it had to talk to Ethan. Ethan then drew on his foot and I finished mine. They had a great discussion before we put the socks back on to shut them up!My foot. Look at the pinkie toe...it has a pig nose on it cause it is the little piggy that went wee, wee, wee all the way home.
Ethan's foot! His foot monster tried to eat my foot people. I still have all of my toes so he was not successful. During all of this Kellen is sitting there rolling his eyes at us. He was too cool to play with us.

Now you know what to do if you are ever faced with the issues that we were faced with today. Also, make sure that you have a Sharpie marker with you at all time. I even have several in my purse in case of emergencies.

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