Tiny Triumphs 4!

I know, I am late again. I am really trying. But life seems to get in the way of me sitting at the computer. School things have really been taking up time here. There are worse things than school stuff to have to do. I still have an aversion to homework. I have had that aversion all my life. It has not seemed to have gone away. It also does not seem to matter if it is my homework.

1. We are all on the mend. The boys and I have had a cold for most of the week. Jared is the only one who escaped this. The boys missed two days of school so we have had extra work to make up. We are all almost as good as new!

2. Both boys brought home fantastic report cards! I am so proud of both of them.

3. Kellen has been doing laundry all week! By himself!

4. Ethan has been folding towels for us all week!

Have a wonderful week! Stay warm and healthy!

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