Tiny Triumphs 57!

Well, tomorrow is the last day in 2010. We will be down in Fort Atkinson celebrating with the Weiler Family. We really miss them so this will be awesome! We are also hoping to see Kim Loker (Kellen's 2nd and 3rd grade teacher) while we are there. Should be a great time! I am sure there will be lots of pictures on the blog in the near future. We have had a fantastic week without school. There have been some fights as the boys have been home all week. But over all it has been a wonderful week!

1. The boys have taken four swimming lessons this week. They start their next set of lessons next week. Ethan will be a Bluegill and Kellen will be a Guppy.

2. We have played lots of games this week. Lego Minotaurus, Uno, Lego Creationary, and so many more! I love the time we are spending with the boys while they are young but they will remember.

3. Ethan and I built a Snowman Robber today. It is a snowman but with a ski mask on. So he is a robber. Ethan says that it is a good thing we have him up so we know where we live. We also started building a castle. Jared said he would help us next week if the snow is good.

4. The litter is still being taken care of!

Have a great week!

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