Tiny Triumphs 55!

Okay, this week has been like all of the others! Busy! We seem to be gearing up for the holidays here. We are going to have a white Christmas! What more can we ask for this time of year? We also have all the gifts bought and all but one wrapped! So let's hope that we have a stress free couple of weeks.

1. We are all dug out after the nasty weather came through. We had 17 inches of snow come down on us here. So being dug out is big! Thanks Jared for doing all the work!

2. Swimming lessons are over for this session! Ethan has now moved up to the next level! Kellen has a few things to work on before he moves up. I am sure he will get them soon. We signed the boys up for four swimming lessons during winter break.

3. Ethan and Kellen are now getting over their colds that they have had!

4. The litter has been taken care of all week!

Have a great week!

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