Let Winter Begin!

That evil W (winter) word has just begun and I am already sick of it. Over the weekend we had a grand total of 17 inches of the evil S word dump on us. Snow, not the other S word. Now this would not be bad if we had bought the snow blower that we wanted. So poor Jared had to shovel it all. I did help when I could but well to be honest I do not like it. So I stayed warm and wrapped presents. Jared hates that more that shoveling he told me. So we both did what we hated less. The kids loved playing in the snow and have plans for a snow fort. I am left wondering where all the water will go when it melts. Will my driveway be a mud pit? I guess I will ponder those questions as it gets a bit closer to spring.
So on with the pictures.

The first couple are from Thanksgiving day. It had rained and froze on my plants.The kale kind of looks cool with the ice on it
Icy Kale
Below are the pictures of the blizzard that hit us this weekend
This is the neighbor's driveway. Poor woman was out of town all weekend and came home to a four foot drift in her driveway.
Our driveway all nice and shoveled
Our snowy house
Next to the van. That is where the kale from above is
There is a grill under there somewhere I swear!

Now I have to say that at the old place they would have called school if we got this much snow on a weekend. It did not stop snowing until Sunday late morning. There were even wind chill warnings and the schools all the way up North here had school. I was disappointed that I did not get another day with the boys but I was also glad that they were out of the house. Did you ever notice that when the kids are stuck inside for two days any cleaning that is done is instantly reversed?

Well, on the bright side we will have a VERY white Christmas!

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